Canopo ‘Donne della Resistenza’

Many man fought in the Resistance and many of their names and deeds are remembered. I didn't find the same was true for women. So I decided to craft two canopo vases in memory of two women who lived, fought, loved and died during the

Canopo di Picelli

I crafted this piece in memory of Guido Picelli, a man who lived at the beginning of the 1900 in Parma and who was one of the lead figures behind the barricades movement against the Fascist, which took place in 1922 in the Oltretorrente part

Canopo Rosso

White Stoneware coated with Tarquinia slip. The vase is wheel-thrown while the head and necklace all hand built. NFS


In honor of the bifrontal god Ianus, common amongst the Romans and the Celts. He who looks both at the past and at the future. Terracotta, all hand-built, hand burnished. SOLD