Curriculum Vitae

I make half-life-size figurative ceramic sculptures, mostly headless figures and busts, at times incorporating wood or metal.
My sculptures are troubled, pensive. They look out to the world, seeking to capture the viewer’s attention and to report about the state of the times we live in.

I put particular attention in shaping facial expressions and gestures. In the absence of spoken language, my subjects “converse” with the viewer through their gaze and position of hands.
I choose simple finishes to honor the beautiful natural hues of the clay.

I am currently working on a series of figurative sculptures in red clay, titled “Osservatori” – “Observers”.

Born and raised in Parma , Italy, I moved to California in 2005 and started sculpting in 2013 when I first laid my hands on clay. Since then, I have devoted myself exclusively to the learning of this old material that I find incredibly giving and merciful.
I apprenticed with sculptor Deborah Bridges for five years in Grass Valley and was very fortunate to have her as my mentor. Working in stoneware, I use a combination of techniques for sculpting: slabs, coiling and building from a solid block of clay which is carved out later. Most of my finishes are a combination of glazes and cold finish.


1981 — Born in Italy

2003-2005 — Resided in Galway, West Ireland

2005-2020 — Resided in Northern California

2020 —  Ottawa Valley, Ontario


2021 – Returns and moves back to her home country of Northern Italy after 18 years abroad


2011-2012 — San Francisco Community College

2013-2017 — Sierra College

2015 — Visiting Artist workshops, Michelle Gregor and Lisa Reinardson

2016 — Forest Middleton workshop Visiting artist workshop, Clayton Keyes

2014-2020 — Apprenticeship with sculptor Deborah Bridges


Winter 2022 – 3 month long apprenticeship on local geology and clays of the Ligurian Coast in Albisola Marina

Group Exhibitions

2021 – Loppis, Parma

“Ceramiche” ( December 2021-January 2022)


2018- 2021 — Osborn Woods Gallery, Miners Foundry, Nevada City, CA

2019 — Blue Line Arts Gallery, Roseville, Wall Hanging show (April-June)

2019 — The Artery, Davis. During CACCA (April-June)

2016 — Granucci Gallery, Center for the Arts, Grass Valley, CA

2014 — North Columbia School House, North San Juan, CA

Solo Shows

2016 — Fable Coffee, Grass Valley, CA